Orbx Freeware and payware List

March 30th 2021 edition.

I have reviewed and edited my list of the Orbx freeware and payware airports, with runway description and airport elevation. It includes most airports that were created up  to March 30th 2021. The list does not include the airports made by commercial partners.

The addition of airports are based on what Orbx releases on its “Orbx Release Announcements” section. There are airports for Microsoft 2020 (MSFS), X-Plane, P3DV4+, AFS2 and FSX. There are a lot of airports in FSX that were improved by Larry Isenor and Neil Hill.

Payware airports often come with secondary, smaller virtual airports included in their package. The data is included in the list.

There are several airports included in the older Orbx regions on the west coast of USA that are not shown here. So the list is not perfect, but it does help the flight simmer. For the rest of the planet, the list is pretty accurate.

You have access to a free download PDF file on my website. Just click on the following secured link:

List of Orbx airports as of March 30th 2021

This will be the last edition of that list, as there are too many changes going on at Orbx. It used to be a lot easier to follow…!